Memoir Gives Voice to a Historic Community That Vanished
As city limits of Charlotte moved inexorably outward, Shuffletown, a small crossroads village, lay in the path of progress. This farming community, which grew up on the banks of the Catawba River in the early 19th Century, never had a chance. In 2000, it was bulldozed into oblivion.

As she watched a whole culture, a way of life, being sacrificed to progress, writer Judy Rozzelle (a fifth generation Shuffletonian) decided that if Shuffletown itself was being lost, she would save what she could: Its memories. Toward that end, she wrote Shuffletown: A Multi-Voice Memoir, a memory book for everyone who ever lost a place they loved. The book is available now from Parkway Publishers. (Robert Tolan)

Reviews for Shuffletown USA

Judy Rozzelle has crafted both a paean and a historical timepiece. On one level, it is a collection of memories of interesting personalties, hilarious events and local tragedies that marked a community over several generations. These are the kind of stories that we would reminisce with our long-time friends.
-- Nancy Sears, via

Love to have been there: Great fun to read. Shows a side of the people and places of the south seldom recounted.
-- Barry G. Sanderson, via

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